Dominik Lang: Storage

exhibition opening : 7.7.2009 v 18:00
Exhibition dates: 8.7.- 26.7.2009

In relation to bringing objects into the gallery, Dominik Lang is a moderate artist, who prefers to work on the periphery of the space. In this respect he makes use of borders of the art world, which have their own strength, their own inside and outside. Lang stresses this reality though modes of manipulation – he turns them around several times according to the strategy of Möbis tape, or multiplies its form (which can be represented trough walls or panels) up to the point, where the volume of the border line is in competition with the volume of the marked space. The formal condition of art has been exposed in its materiality. The form becomes a substance open to new deformation. Interventions into the gallery space understood as materialization of the institutional frame, enabling the spectator to understand it as a work of art, point out that the original sensual assumption is open to shifts in meaning, hence becomes a product forming meaning, and therefore should not be perceived as the real and original undisputed assumption.

For the autonomy of the art work to come to light, for the voices of their aesthetic quality to be heard, the exhibition space had to be retreated up to the point of utter neutrality and the “invisibility” of a white cube. It is patently obvious that if we want to put the space in the center of attention, we consequently must play down the art works exhibited. The easiest way is to make a short work of it, and forget about it straight away. The qualities of the gallery space become particularly visible, when the space is empty. Nevertheless, such an empty gallery does not necessarily have to be perceived as a one of gesture, which depletes through its first application. The guiding principle of Lang’s work is the continuous presentation of a variety of ways, in which an empty gallery can be repeatedly, but differently presented.

Among the less explored moves in this game belongs the paradox of the empty gallery, which at the same time can be seen as full. How can an exhibition space, which has become the object of artistic manipulation, simultaneously preserve its function of a case for other objects? In the current exhibition Storage, Lang offers a reading of the formal resolution and content resolution of this paradox. The case clearly resembles its utilitarian function; objects stored, and situation taking place here should not be understood as works of art. Moreover, the space of the case is not marked by the skin of the walls, floor, ceiling, lighting, panels or pedestals, but thought the skin itself, which has been corroded on its inside. The thickness and the depth of the border line are being rearticulated. Moreover, in respect to the relationship of the inside to its frame, hence the relationship of the art works and the institution of the art world a third element is included – the outside of everyday labor.

Václav Magid

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